Think At the Edge

Thinking At the Edge (TAE), like Focusing, is a practice developed from the Philosophy of the Implicit.

Nada Lou who are expert in TAE and Focusing came to Hong Kong before and introducing this practice to us.

It is a set of exact steps to develop a fresh use of language and a new kind of theory to speak from something in one’s field which one knows but has not been able to say or write.  This is a way to say something that can restructure the basic terms and practices in a field, rather than only being able to say what fits the current viewpoint.

Current science, social policy and human relations tend to exclude the intricacy of the individual’s experience. TAE is a way to think and speak about our world and ourselves by generating terms from a “felt sense”.  Such terms formulate experiential intricacy, rather than turning everything we think about into externally viewed objects.  Language and concepts that emerge directly from experience can point to aspects of experience that cannot otherwise be formulated.

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