The Birth of HKFI

The Birth of HKFI

While the international Focusing community is activating the important steps of introducing Focusing to the world in the “World Day of Listening”, we three wish to make an announcement here that, after a few years of bringing diverse strands of Focusing into the Hong Kong community, and after going through all the local legal procedures for setting up an Institute, including setting up a bank account, the “Hong Kong Focusing Institute” is born, and the date of birth is October 22, 2016, the day we hold our First Board Meeting.

We have been approved by the Hong Kong Government as a local Charity, tax-exempt under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Over the past few years, other than each separately teaching Focusing, we also joined hands and invited Trainers from overseas and from Mainland China to teach Focusing to our community. We invited Xu Jun to conduct a workshop on Focusing with Chinese Characters, Karen Whalen on Wholebody Focusing, Alexis and Shaun Phillips on Focusing with Trauma, and Akira Ikemi on Basic Focusing and Blue Sky Meditation. At present, Karen is still in the middle of her five-module Certificate course on Wholebody Focusing, which will reach completion in 2017.

For now, our plan is to bring in other approaches, such as Children Focusing, take active part in the Asian International Focusing Conferences, the first of which will be held on August 25-27 in Kobe, Japan, and also in the World Day of Listening in 2017.

The aim of HKFI is clearly set: to promote Focusing in the local community, respect diversity, bring Focusing to those who cannot afford to pay for the workshops, do research, and encourage our members to join local, national, Asian, and international conferences and activities.

Today, as founder member of HKFI, we appointed the following seven Focusing Trainers/Trainees into our Board as directors to assist the governance, planning and development of this Charity organization: Michelle Chan, Dorothy Lam, Brian Lau, Gloria Lau, Celestina Luk, Harvey Ma, Mil Mok.

We hope that we will have your blessing on our vision and mission!
Chan Chee Seung, Coordinator.
Cheung Ka Hing, Peter, Coordinator.
Sing Chi Hung, Joseph, Coordinator.