Membership of the Institute (HKFI) shall be open to anybody having interest in enhancing personal and community being through the knowledge and practice of Focusing.  The membership fee for Voting Member and Non-voting Member is HK$100 per annum.  Applicants shall be admitted as Members subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of HKFI. 

Annual membership fee is payable to cover each calendar year from 1 January to 31 December, regardless of the payment date during the year.  Membership fee is NOT refundable for any reason.

To be eligible as a “Voting Member”, a person should be a fully paid-up HKFI member, and be listed in the membership directory of The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) as a Certifying Coordinator / Coordinator-in-Training / Certified Focusing Professional / Trainee / Supporter.  All other persons are registered as “Non-voting Members”.  Evidence to show eligibility as a “Voting Member” should be provided by the applicant upon application for membership.


Download Membership Application Form.

Download Membership Renewal Form.


Rights and Privileges

1. Members have privileges to join all meetings, courses, workshops, and activities organized by the Institute.  A discount in course/workshop fee is offered.

2. Members receive information, newsletter, publications provided by the Institute periodically

3. Voting Members have the rights of voting and being elected as Executive Committee member and/or Council member.  

All rights and privileges are only applied to those whose membership fees are fully paid up.