Children Focusing Companion Certification Course


Children Focusing Companion Certification Course

This provides adults with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that allow them to be with and work with children, using the tools, techniques and inherently gentle, playful approach of Focusing.

Designed for parents, grandparents and anyone professional working with children and young people.

What to be covered:

About Children Focusing and working with creativity and non- verbal communication:  how to make a real open connection, contact- contract,  making real connection with yourself, your early child experience,  and transferring these experience towards you as a parent, as therapist with client, as a focuser in your work and as teacher with children.

For whom:

These options are especially suited to anyone who would like to explore being with children in a way that is natural and connecting. The workshops will also be of interest to therapists and artists who want to explore non-verbal expression and for Focusers wanting to invite their creativity to flow in fresh, surprising ways.


Recommended the book of Marta Stapert: Focusing with Children: The art of communicating with children at school and at home: The Art of Communicating with Children at School and at Home. Or look at


This Children Focusing training is accredited by The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) as an essential part to become a certified Children Focusing companion.

Structure of Certificate course

Module One and Two total 60 hour ( 10 days ) for certified Children Focusing Companion.

Module Three and Four another 60 hour ( 10 days ) a deeper level with all kind of specialties.  Working with children with ADHD, Asperger, Grief, no language, overwhelming feelings, working with parents etc.

Learning outcomes of training, in Focusing with Children and Young People

To build resilience and competence in self care and empathy through developing an understanding of personal somatic/bodily felt life and inner child experience, from both an experiential and theoretical point of view.

To learn and develop the practical skills, approaches and techniques required to build that same resilience and competence in the children and young people with whom you are working with or being with.

To learn and discover how to use the natural capacity of children and young people for imaginative play, drawing, storytelling and other forms of symbolization to better manage their emotional experience while developing your own creativity and playfulness.

In particular, to learn how to do all of the above in safe space ~ with clear boundaries, that respects the privacy and vulnerability of much of childhood and adolescent experience   . . . and also for yourself as an adult.

To learn and experience integrating a Focusing dimension into existing practices and activities you already use with children and young people, or in your work and training with adults.

Finally, you don’t have to be or work with children to come to this training, it is also to explore your (pre verbal) inner child experience and deepen your flexibility and creativity in working with clients and groups.

Focusing Trainer and coordinator René Veugelers:

As a Coordinator specialising in Children’s Focusing, with an emphasis on the non-verbal world, René Veugelers teaches parents, therapists, teachers and others how to be with children in a Focusing way, how to (re)connect to their own inner child experiences and how to integrate creativity and flexibility into their life and work. His work and experiences as a psychiatric nurse and as an art therapist with children, of any age, embraces an expanded richness of creative elements and support a natural unfolding of creative process. René lives and works in the Netherlands, teaching Children Focusing for more than 12 years and promoting these practical skills also to day care centres and hospices. He is specialized in working with children with ADHD, ADD, trauma and attachment disorder. He teaches internationally: Israel, Russia, Germany, England, NY, Seattle, Gaza, Ireland and France. He is an inspiring teacher who brings considerable experience, subtlety and joy to every person attending his workshops or training.